Distance Online Learning Program 2.0

DOLP Elementary School

Middle School DOLP 2.0 Virtual Learning Components

Class structure 

Class structure changes classes will now be an hour long, so there will be six in a day. This extended time will allow for more feedback and closure activities during live classes, and more time to concentrate for Work & Conference Time. There will also be longer stretch breaks between classes.

Study Hall and WIN (What I Need) time

All three generations will be able to drop in to virtual classrooms for one-on-one help, or use this time to rest, exercise, work on a project, or any other activity.

Community building

Community building will be incorporated into classes in the first weeks of school, to help integrate new students and provide a level of well-being to all.


Weekly, live mentoring sessions will be scheduled for all students.

Support Groups

Students in small groups can work with our psychologists with special topics

You'll see our MS teachers use...

+ Flipgrid
+ G Suite
+ Actively Learn
+ Nearpod
+ Pear Deck
+ Screencasify
+ kahoot!
+ Kialo
+ Padlet
+ Mentimeter
+ Thinglink...
+ Playpost
+ Powerschool
+ edpuzzle

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Important Documents to Download

Plan for Fall 2020

Here are some of the features of our DOLP 2.0, which will be continually modified according to needs.

Download English version

Plan para el otoño 2020

Estas son algunas de las características de nuestro DOLP 2.0, que se modificará continuamente de acuerdo con las necesidades que vayan surgiendo.

Descarga versión en Español

Who to contact?

If you have an issue with technology

[email protected]

Question about a specific assignment or grade

Subject-specific teacher

Question about overall grades or study habits

Mr. Stuart Porter
[email protected]

Question or help with a socio-emotional issue or concern

Miss Mafer Covarrubias [email protected]

Question, comment or concern about an absence or sickness

Miss Myrna Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant [email protected]

To request a meeting with the teacher, the psychologists, Miss Camille, or Mr. Stuart

Miss Myrna Gonzalez, Administrative Assistant [email protected]